The Beast Stirs

13th Day of The Rotting, 1467

Author: T’Lain Dour

Thirteenth Chronicle of the Order of the Phoenix, Free Company of the Sword Coast

It’s been quite some time since I logged our companies’ activities. There’s been little to report for the last few years. Some odd jobs here and there, but largely we’ve been going through a transitionary period within the company. From reading through these chronicles, it seems we had lost our way somewhat. We used to house masters of each craft, to promote self-sufficiency. That got lost somewhere around the times of the Spine. No longer. Captain Sethrin has offered quite a sum of gold to bring craftsman in to Easting, if not to join the company, then to stimulate the this town into a more bustling trade hub. And it’s working.

You’d think we were in the heart of Waterdeep with all these fine artisan goods in one place. While there’s been an influx of tradesman here, very few have made the cut to get into our company. We need men who can not only create goods, but use them in the field. Either way, this has been a boon for Easting and for the company. Having a supplemental source of coin coming our way is absolute genius.

In other news, one of the Open Lords of Waterdeep, a man by the name of Dagult Neverember, has assumed the position of Lord Protector of Neverwinter. They’ve begun a massive rebuilding project. I can only hope good things for those people, they’ve been through far too long of troubles.



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