The Beast Stirs

1st Day of The Claw of Sunsets, 1464

Author: T’Lain Dour

Twelfth Chronicle of the Order of the Phoenix, Free Company of the Sword Coast

That didn’t take long and all. Through calculated subterfuge, coordinated alongside a trio of Waterdeep’s artfully skilled masters of the shadow (as he calls them – they’re assassins, don’t believe for a second that these Lords don’t have those sorts on their payroll), we managed to put an end to Herzgo. His son took control of the city, but quickly lost favor. The people of Neverwinter loosely ruled themselves while a selection of Lords from Waterdeep rotated duties to keep peace – and collect taxes.

Waterdeep lived up to his promise – we were rewarded richly and will be living like kings. At least for a few years. I could use some time off.



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