The Beast Stirs

22nd Day of The Drawing Down, 1463

Author: T’Lain Dour

Eleventh Chronicle of the Order of the Phoenix, Free Company of the Sword Coast

Trouble in Neverwinter never ceases to end. Herzgo Alegni, a tiefling in command of a host of Shadovar and Netherese soldiers, took much credit for our work and gained the favor of the Neverwinter people. He quickly seized the opportunity of its rulership being weakened to grasp control of New Neverwinter. News quickly spread to Waterdeep, but with it’s political connections to the city, they failed to act. Shortly thereafter, we received a writ to aid the people of Neverwinter. While we are ruled by no one, the size of the bounty was unlike anything we’ve seen in these times and was impossible to pass up. Besides that, we’re always up for putting down dogs from the Shadowfell.

We’re on route now by sea and should arrive within a tenday.



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