The Beast Stirs

5th Day of The Highsun, 1477

Author: Rakkar Oakwood

Seventeenth Chronicle of the Order of the Phoenix, Free Company of the Sword Coast

Our company has fallen to its lowest headcount in recorded history of these annals. Captain asked me to make a written record of our companies’ current status, stating our brethren’s names, and notating what areas of expertise we are short on. We’re short on people that want to be cooped up inside writing down this nonsense!

Captain Sethrin – forty-something, Human – Master Bladesman
1st Lieutenant Oswith Tullin – 37, Human – Master of the Arcane and Prime Acolyte
2nd Lieutenant Deelia – 82, Elf – Master Hunter and Fletcher
Rakkar Oakwood – 41, Human – Self-Appointed Title of Grandmaster Druid and Reluctant Historian
Grenth Cobble – 26, Halfling – Quickfingers and Locksmith
Xavier Tunn – 28, Human – Servant of the Gods [which one(s), I care not]
Zombie – unknown, Goliath – Barbaric Man Child of the Devil
Zook Bogook – 91, Gnome – Master Apothecary Who Blows Everything Up
Ordonis – unknown, Gnome – Fruit Vendor and Mushroom Dealer
Khalid Rumnaheim – 38, Dwarf – The “Kid” Armorsmith
Ethalus Voltor – 20s, Elf – new recruit and Apprentice to Oswith
Lyr(a) – 20s, Half-Elf – new recruit and Keeper of the Shadows


Someone else to take to the pen
A Druid who is doesn’t mind being cooped up indoors
More work taking us into the woodlands



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